This unit was formed during the Anglo Boer war. It's main aim was to stop the movement of
arms and men  from Portugese East Africa to the Boers in Transvaal and Orange Free State.
Also to prevent the movement of Boer despatches to and from PEA. Also to hinder the mov-
ement of the Boer Commandos etc. SH main base was in Komatipoort with many outposts.
My interest in this unit was started by sighting a letter from a New Zealander who served in
SH. Edwin John Harris had left NZ for adventure and served in the British South African
Police 1896-97 in Rhodesia. Home to NZ in 1888-89. To the Boer war in the 3rd NZ contingent
1890-01. Transvaal Police for 6 months then joined Steinaeckers Horse in May 1901 to
January 1903. On disbandment of SH joined the South African Constabulary till 1905. Then
worked in Swaziland as a transporter& carpenter. He took part in the poll tax war in Natal
in 1906. Joined with the Imperial Light Horse in the campaign in German West Africa in
1914 and then was in German East Africa with the South African 1st Mounted Brigade. Harris
took his own life at Stegi (Siteki) in Swaziland in 1924. His grave is in the Siteki cemetary.
My name is Bill Goldsworthy of Hamilton, New Zealand. My e mail address is hind@wave. If you are researching a relative who belonged to this unit please contact me and I
will do all I can to help with information. If you have information on this unit that has not been 
published please share your knowledge with me and then it will be available to all that
are interested.
I will add  to this site as information and time allows. If you are keen to learn more of SH 
there has been a book published entitled  Steinaeckers Horsemen by William (Bill) Wool-
more. It is available from second hand bookshops.
At present there are 4 tabs on this site to give you more infromation.
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Steinaecker's Horse
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